Dr. Abraham has conducted postgraduate research on oracle bones and bronze inscriptions in Taiwan, directed Chinese language programs in Beijing and Shanghai, and interpreted for high-level arts delegations from the People's Republic of China.  She has taught courses on Chinese language, literature, history and culture at universities throughout the United States.  One of the world's leading experts in Sino-Judaic studies, Dr. Abraham has been providing educational and inspirational talks on the Chinese Jews of Kaifeng and Jewish life in Shanghai, Harbin and Tianjin for over 25 years.  Creator of Jewish Historical Tours of China (1997-2001), she is also the proud author of   Chinese for Dummies. 

about dr. wendy abraham

Dr. Wendy Abraham has lived, studied and worked in both Taiwan and the People's Republic of China since 1980.  Her academic credentials include a BA in East Asian Studies from Hunter College, an MS in Chinese Language from Georgetown University, an EdM in Education and an EdD in International Educational Development from Teacher's College, Columbia University, and PhD studies in Chinese at Stanford University.  

about china orientations

China Orientations prepares individuals, groups and corporations to navigate the world of China in the 21st century.  Whether for business or personal interest, China Orientations guides you through this millennium-old culture, providing you with the tools to interact successfully with a quarter of humanity today.  Cross-cultural in its outreach, China Orientations further offers organizations the unique opportunity to hear about Sino-Judaic history through lectures and courses by a leading expert in the field.