• Manage the uncertainties of intercultural situations and discussions with colleagues more effectively.  
  • Understand the cultural background, needs and perspectives of your business counterparts.
  • Monitor the messages you send others, and understand the signals they send you ... without saying a word.
  • Chinese Culture 101
  • Feng Shui'ing Your Office
  • China Business Travel Tips
  • Chinese Business Etiquette
  • Chinese Festivals and Holidays
  • The Art of the Chinese Banquet
  • Chinese Culture Do's and Don'ts
  • Chinese History for Your 21st Century Business
  • Living and Working in the People's Republic of China
  • Mini-Course in Mandarin (by the author of Chinese for Dummies and Chinese Phrases for Dummies)

  cross-cultural competencies:

cULTURAL orientations 

Corporations and individuals alike benefit from cross-cultural understanding in order to live and work well in China.  Acquaint your management and staff to the differences in expectations and communication styles, and avoid costly misunderstandings in the international marketplace.   You already know your business.  Let China Orientations help you get your message across.

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